How to make your man fall for you completely?

Your man exerts all sorts of resistance and at any convenient moment wants to show his independence and deep (though unreasonable from your point of view) involvement in the league of alpha males of powerful, strong-willed, beautiful and free men! This type of men surely would not like to limit themselves to a single relationship. These are not sex tips for men, but rather things a woman has to find out for herself. Do you want your man fall for you completely? Read further!

man fall for you completely

Are you tired of the fact that he always aspires to leave your common «battlefield» and run away in an unknown direction and it is not known with whom? Have you decided to conquer him and make him yours forever? Would you want to find out how to make love to him?

Well, you got to the right place and at the right time. Today on «Beautiful and Successful» there is a closed training, the topic of which is the education of the powerful of this world. How to make a man be loyal to you? Use your chance to find out how to do it now! The most common advice for your relationship   In fact, getting a man to like you very much is not as difficult as it may sound. This is as easy as finding out how to have longer sex with your partner. In this case, it is important to know a few basic rules (with which we will introduce below) and have at least a general idea of ​​the subtleties of male psychology. With this, everything will become much more simple, because men usually have only a few pressing desires (no more than two at a time) and any of women may satisfy their needs. You need to have a desire, a supply of fresh food in the refrigerator and sex tips for him as you will be able to enjoy it much more.   So, would you like to find out the secrets behind male psychology? man fall for you completely

Here is the least of the most common advice:

  • Feed him. Often. Delicious and regularly. After all, a satisfied man is a kind man. A kind man is a lazy man. A lazy man is unlikely to escape a cozy and dear place.
  • Meet him when he comes from work with a smile, slippers and a hot dinner. And do this every day. Seven days a week! Even if he went out for a couple of minutes to buy stuff at the grocery store, and returned after 2 days, in an obscene manner and without flowers. Even if you have a fever, freshly painted manicure or you have not watched the Facebook feed yet.
  • Meet his needs. Any, not just sex and the opportunity to relax with a newspaper in hand on the couch. After all, men, paradoxical as it sounds, need a heart-to-heart talk, and mutual walks, and even (I do not believe that I’m writing this) shopping. Some sex advice for women would also be welcomed.
  • Praise him. Praise him on any occasion and without any occasion. Did he get a promotion? Praise him. He replaced the light bulb in the hallway? Praise me. Did he manage to upgrade his tank? Praise him twice.
  • Emphasize the importance and need for his precious person. Phrases «What would I do without you?», «My IT teacher would use your golden hands», «I cannot make such an important decision without talking to you» and the others should settle firmly in your dictionary when talking to him. man fall for you completely
  • Discuss everything with him. Make this on any issue. Even if it concerns the choice of a rug in the bathroom. Even when he made a firm decision and is not going to change it. Let your man think that all the most important and not very important decisions you take together with him and in accordance with his tips.
  • Follow his advice. At least sometimes! You may also fake this sometimes! We understand how it is sometimes difficult (well, the angle of the monogram on the plates does not combine with the turn of the antennae in the butterfly on the curtains in the dining room). There is nothing weird about that. A stable relationship with one man and a conquered man is more valuable. Yes, and you can return the curtains to the store tomorrow.
  • Admire them. Do this in front of witnesses. Accompanying the verbal praises with ardent and full adoration by sight. Contrary to popular belief, men are averse to flattery, and they like listening to admirations.
  • Believe his words and don’t doubt him. Even if you know for sure that the fish caught by him was at least three times shorter and certainly without claws. Even if you saw with your own eyes the deuce in his school diary. Even if you have personally measured the length … well, you get the idea … man fall for you completely
  • Ask him for help. You both know that you buying a packet of milk is an easy task even for a child, but you don’t have to do this when you have your man with you. Never!
  • Give him the opportunity to feel like a real hero. And it is not so important what he will do and how to show his heroism. He could fight against a stray dog and protect you from it. Most importantly is that in your eyes he will read adoration and delight. Don’t tell him how to make sex better because a hero knows exactly what to do in any situation!
  • Be a support for him. Make sure to be a reliable partner and give him a helping hand when he needs it. Your man should know for sure that whatever happens, no matter how he manages to get into trouble you will always support him. You don’t need to be too harsh on him because he will be able to realize his own mistakes.
  • Listen to him. His lamentations, complaints and drunken confessions of love. Even if it’s far past midnight, and he woke you up with a call and tries to tell bravely how much you were lucky with him.
  • Be interested in his hobby. Or at least pretend to be interested. Even if you quietly hate fishing, you don’t understand a single thing in geopolitics, and you have an allergy on the dust from his collection of stamps which he gets out to show you from time to time as a reminder of his hobby.
  • Be prepared for new things. Men love trying new positions. Take a look at the best sex positions from internet or books and decide which ones you would like to try next. man fall for you completely
  • Give him freedom. Or at least a form of it. So, let your man think that at any moment he can:
  1. a) express his point of view and be heard,
  2. b) buy what he wants,
  3. c) spend the Friday evening in the circle of friends,
  4. d) leave ….
  • Intrigue him. A man is easily bored, and this, alas, is true. Therefore, never open your book before he gets to the last page. Read tips for better sex and see if he gets interested in your source of knowledge. Be mysterious for him and let him uncover your secrets one by one.
  • Love him gently, ardently and every day with all the possible passion, respect and devotion. Because, believe us, there is absolutely no way you could do anything without love.
  This list represents an actual set of things that you have to avoid in your relationships. If a man doesn’t want to be with you, there won’t be much you could do about it. Trying to please him too much will only result in terrible consequences, because most men don’t like being manipulated. man fall for you completely Now that you know that the man won’t fall for any tricks, it is still important to point out that a relationship is an evolving thing that requires certain changes. Learning how to make sex a much better experience after years of being together would be a nice thing for the both of you.   Some tips for having sex are always welcomed and your man will appreciate your desire to learn something new. Quite often, a relationship starts with sexual experience and it is able to influence it in a significant way. If there is a strong connection between partners then the sexual intercourse will also be much more intense.  

Working on your image would be a good start if you want to become more attractive for men and if they do find you interesting then there will be no need to pretend of being somebody else. There are negative sides to all of us and trying to eliminate them is something that could bring positive changes. Every man will react differently to the way women will try to influence them and there is no point in trying to change the man if he doesn’t want this.