How to build a successful sex based relationship?

sex based relationship

It is very strange to tell readers about the benefits of sex without obligations. Everybody knows about these kinds of relationships and if this is what you are going for then we will reveal the main tips to maintain a «relationship without a relationship.» A new style sex can be experienced once you decide to have a relation without obligations, so-called sex based relationship.

sex based relationshipThere are women who have an idea that that regular sex and the number of orgasms received thanks to your efforts are not an excuse to make far-reaching conclusions. They don’t try to force themselves into your life and place their toothbrush near yours. And they certainly don’t ask questions about the future of your relationship. This is all because there is no actual relationship. There are no dreams of a bright future together as a couple and a desire to spend all time together. Besides, you can try different sex positions and never get tired of relationships. On the other hand, you have a different type of women. These will immediately try to get into every aspect of your life. They will start planning your life as a couple. If you know that this situation is simply inadmissible and you are searching for something else, then you should let her know about your own plans and there are efficient ways to achieve the needed effect. Learn how to have sex and get from a relationship exactly what you want.   sex based relationshipHow can you achieve your goal?
  1. Do not try to modify anything in her appearance
Even if it seems to you that a short haircut would suit her much better than her actual one and a black polish on her nails does not rhyme well with the lipstick of a ripe carrot, color – just stay silent! There is a great chance that the girl will not take offense at the criticism of her image, but will take your words as a sign: you are trying to change her to fit your own desires. It is if you would consider her your girlfriend.
  1. Carefully acquaint her with your friends
It is impossible to absolutely isolate your partner and to meet exclusively behind the closed doors of a bedroom. Therefore, for friendly gatherings, try to choose only the most carefree friends of your company, who will not even bother to remember your partner’s name. If you plan a mutual trip with other married couples or try to go to a summer house together with her, then she may perceive that as a sign that you want to get closer.
  1. Do not get her acquainted with your family members
If anything can instantly destroy the lighthearted fleur of your «relationships without relationships», then this would be an invitation to a family party.
  1. Do not talk about money.
There is absolutely no need to talk with her about money and that you are able to assist her in a way. If she starts talking about money and some sort of debts, then you have to be really careful and consider all of your options. This would be a great moment to change the subject entirely, like noticing her new haircut or her birthmark that looks like a strawberry. Be neutral, if you want to preserve the current form of relationship. Also, a smart choice of good sex positions may quickly help her forget about any topics related to money.   sex based relationship
  1. Skip the topic of your personal life and problems
You don’t have to tell her about the last time you have washed your car or about the broken refrigerator back home. Your relationship will always feel fresh if there’s some sort of mystery between the two of you. This is also a great way to learn how to have longer sex and keep it consistently entertaining. No side things will get in your way.
  1. The less details – the better
«Why didn’t you call for three days?» — «I was busy.» «How are things at work?» — «Yes, everything is as usual». «Where did you get this scar on the bridge of your nose?» — «This is just a scratch». «And on New Year’s matinees in kindergarten, were you a» bunny «or a» snowman «?» — «I do not remember.» This kind of details and similar stuff is inadmissible. We do not encourage you to hold all the information to yourself, making a state secret from any fact of your biography. There is simply no need to offer too many details that will prove to be completely useless to her. It is the same with sex. If you know how to have sex then you won’t lose your time and your partner’s time in some kind of nonsense.
  1. Forget about jealousy and control
It’s not of your business, who is calling her in the middle of the night. Don’t pay attention to all the likes and hearts on her social media and handsome guys commenting her pictures. Don’t ask about the male name on her tattoo. You don’t own her and she doesn’t own you. Jealousy will ruin your relationship in a matter of minutes. Her personal life is not of your concern unless you want to move to other kind of relationship. sex based relationship
  1. Schedule your meetings maximum a week in advance
Telling her that you want to see her next Thursday is totally fine. It is a totally different story if you decide to plan your Christmas celebration in advance together with her. Also, purchasing a «couple subscription» for a fitness sessions is a straight way to the status of a «regular boyfriend.»
  1. Do not run to her when she is sick
Seeing your sex partner in woolen socks and with a runny nose is not exactly what you have to be aiming for. She doesn’t need you to see her like that and if you are ready to take care of her and run at her first call, then this is something more than just a sexual relationship. You’re not a doctor, not a nurse or courier of the delivery service (especially since the healing power of chicken broth is greatly exaggerated). sex based relationship
  1. Do not make any mutual photos
Avoid having her pretty face making an appearance in your social networks. If you start taking mutual pictures cheek to the cheek and post them on Facebook then it’s quite the same as notifying the whole world that you are together. If you are not intending anything serious in terms of relationships, then you don’t need to post anything on your social media platform.
  1. Do not spend with her the whole weekend
Firstly, you may get into a serious relationship if you spend too much time together. Therefore, try to ensure that your meetings take place mostly on weekdays and only occasionally during the romantic «prime time». You will to some extent exclude the possibility that your Friday meeting will be delayed for the whole weekend. And secondly, for a woman dating on a Friday night is the recognition that she is the best candidate for the role of your partner. Keeping distance is not as easy as it sounds and if you really like the person then you don’t only have to limit yourself to sex. Of course, it is important to know how to have great sex, but this is not the only aspect you have to pay attention to once you are in a serious long-term relationship.
  1. Return the things she forgot at your place
It is not important whether this was made «casually» or «supposedly accidentally». But this gesture is always understood by women clearly and unambiguously. And there’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Your home is your fortress, where there is no room for her tampons, transparent underwear and cosmetics made of exotic animals. Is this alright with her? If she is an adult who clearly understands her own choices and knows exactly what sex is, then she can do whatever she wants to. Not every relationship can be a traditional one. Not every man can become a long-term partner as it is necessary to test the waters. Relationships can be of many kinds and once there are no illusions, people feel freer. Everybody is free to set his own limits of the permissible and possible. It is important to keep in mind sex health tips if you want to have any kind of relationship in the first place.

→ And yes, many girls theoretically admit that they can do it without having to deal with consequences and live at certain moments of their life in the format of “relationships without relationships”. Firstly, because it’s fun and helps us to stay toned. It’s certainly more fun than sitting in pajama pants in front of the TV in anticipation of Big Love. Isn’t this great? We will wait. In the meantime, we will be content with loves of a more modest scale, short-term hobbies, all sorts of frivolous romance and casual connections. Dress up, go on a date, flirt, get a couple of orgasms or see another episode of Downton Abbey. Many women can see the obvious choice and they don’t hesitate to try something new. Getting sex advice would be a wise thing to do in the first place though. Experience is definitely something that will help you get into a sex based relationship.