How to revive your sex life?

sex life
Is your relationship on the cold side now? We present you top ways for getting sex life back into your life. Even with a couple where everything seems perfect at first sight, there may be problems with intimate life. There are certain aspects that ruin your sex life and make it hard to get back on the track. By introducing new elements and working on particular aspect of your life you will be able to change the situation for better. The best sex method is hidden in various nuances and you will have to pull together all of its components.
The first big problem – permanent stress
sex lifeYour day is very hectic, and after you have worked, prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner and cleaned the apartment for the whole family, you have neither time nor energy for romance. This is a typical problem for most working people. Moreover, not only the stressful schedule affects the intimate life, but also the nervous stress, because of which the libido decreases and the sexual desire, respectively, disappears. You need to know exactly how to improve sex life or the stressful situations will take over and your partner won’t get any happier. However, this is not only about your partner What is the solution for this problem? You need to treat the disease and not just its symptoms so first of all you need to learn to relax. Take the rule of at least once every two days to take a 10-minute hot bath before going to bed. Add to it a couple drops of lavender or jasmine oil, and get a double soothing and toning effect thanks to aromatherapy. Take your time to get some fresh air, go on a walk and do a little exercise in the morning. Even insignificant physical activity reduces the level of stress and contributes to the production of hormones of happiness, which are endorphins, and without them the well-being of intimate life is impossible. By the way, sex is also an excellent way to deal with stress. So it is only necessary to start the process and strength and vivacity will be come on their own.
The second problem – insecurities related to appearance
sex lifeThere is perhaps not a single woman in the world who would be happy with everything about herself. Six months ago, British psychologists conducted a survey among their compatriots and found out: more than 30% of the fair sex prefers to have sex only when the lights are off or after little drinking, because they are embarrassed by their body. And some of them in general admitted that they feel so asexual that they do not even consider the possibility of any intimacy. What is the solution for this problem? No sex advice will be able to help her, unless she is ready to live with what nature has given her. Yes, a man loves with his eyes, but that does not mean that once you undress, he will stare at your imperfections. Would you turn around and slam the door as you leave? As sexologists say, most men are excited by the very fact that you are exposed, and where you have wrinkles or stretch marks it does not interest men at all. Don’t just think about your flaws. After all, for sure you have something very attractive, like your hair or shoulders. Yes, even your wrists may be attractive. Find beauty in yourself and, in small steps, learn to love yourself and consider yourself desirable. If self-confidence does not work at all then everything is in your hands. Do not like your hips? Buy a bicycle or start running. Do you think your belly in not up to the standards? Sign up for the gym. Fitness not only helps you to get in shape, but also will definitely add the much needed confidence. Everything is fixable, and a healthy intimate life is worth the effort.  
The third problem – unspoken truths
sex lifeHe again tossed his socks around the apartment and left a dirty pan in the fridge? Such household issues, of course, are annoying, and if you do not spit out irritation or at least not point out the flaws to your spouse, the hidden resentment accumulates and grows. As a result, your silence and unwillingness to enter into conflict can lead to an almost physical aversion to the «beloved.» And is there possibility of having sex after all that has happened? Are there any palpable ways of how to make sex better in these harsh conditions? Of course, there is always a solution! What is the solution for this problem? The best thing would be to tell your partner frankly about everything. When the next time your beloved partner gets offended by your behavior in response to your «Not today, dear», try to explain to him the reason for your reluctance. According to psychologists, for women, unlike men, the main component of intimate relationships is emotional intimacy and understanding. And without a calm discussion of mutual problems, you will not achieve any understanding.  
The fourth problem – the habit of drinking
sex lifeLight liquor, like red wine or champagne, in moderate amounts is an aphrodisiac. A glass of wine will certainly energize your evening and you will feel even more comfortable around your partner. However, in large quantities, alcohol has the opposite effect. Due to the use of alcohol, the blood flow to the genital organs decreases, the sensitivity decreases, and the secretion of the sexual secretion decreases. The body can not physically prepare for sex, and it affects both men and women. What is the solution for this problem? It is like giving an answer to the question «How to get rid of a hangover». The answer here is simple – «Do not drink.» Here the situation is similar: simply get an idea of how much alcohol you can handle and everything will be just fine.  
The fifth problem – the decline in energy levels
sex lifeHaving exhausted yourself at work, you can barely crawl to the front door, you can hardly open your jaw, chewing on dinner, and fall asleep instantly, as soon as your head falls on the pillow. Does this ring any bells? You certainly won’t learn how to be good at sex if you will not actually engage into this process on a regular basis. Actually, if you do it more often, you will experience higher levels of energy. Or here’s another: you sent the children to sleep early and made yourself look pretty. You are expecting your spouse from work and are going to arrange a romantic date for him. And he comes back from the office, convulsively swallows the food and falls asleep. He can’t do anything because he is tired. He may even get annoyed at the idea that you are longing to make love to him. What is the solution for this problem? No matter how cynical it may sound, romance should also be planned. Yes, take the time to have sex on your schedule. Put a reminder on your phone and create a plan on the computer, if that’s easier for you. But you must know in advance when your day will not be so tense, or when the husband can take time off work early. And do not delay the most pleasant part of the day once you get the desired free time. If no one disturbs you, start flirting with each other as soon as you come home. You can learn how to have oral sex more efficiently. Do not run from the doorstep immediately to the stove and washing machine, because after the chores you may not have energy for intimacy.  
How to diversify sex with your wife?
sex lifeThis topic has been discussed on numerous occasions, but the right solution is different for every couple. Not every problem inside the married couple can be solved with the help of advice or some sort of devices. However, if you don’t know how to use sex toys for your sexual experience, then maybe it is time to learn a few tricks. Nevertheless, there are always new things you can try, if it doesn’t feel as exciting as it once was. One way of refreshing your experience would be trying new sex positions together with your spouse. This is a solution that works most of the times and it doesn’t have any significant drawbacks, although a lot depends on your body flexibility and the desire to try out something new. Even though fun sex positions are undoubtedly a thing you have to try, there are other things as well. Try being more spontaneous and instead of having dinner at home, like you always do, you can take your wife to a good restaurant. Take her to a movie or to a play. It actually doesn’t matter where you take her as long as she gets a kick out of it. Only you know the things she may enjoy, so stop thinking only about yourself and start treating your partner with more respect. Every relationship may get stale, if you keep it as a routine of some sort.
  • Now that you have been given sex tips on positions and other interesting ideas that can diversify your sex life, you may begin to implement them. Surprise your beloved one with various gifts and they should not necessarily be expensive. As long as you care for your relationship, there will be potential to change it for the best.