10 Top Rules for Best Sex

Sex is a complicated scientific process. It also has its own important rules that you need to know. But unlike geometry, this science is really pleasant to study. What makes sex better? Would you like to learn rules for best sex?  Every man or woman would be interested to find out about the peculiarities of this process and ways to improve it. If you don’t have any idea how to have sex and you didn’t try to find an answer to this question, then what have you been doing with your life? Set your goals straight and brace yourself for the future adventures!

rules for best sex Many couples find it difficult to come up with new ideas and diversify their sexual interactions. It becomes more and more difficult to impress your partner and if it is your first sex with a new partner, you want it to be perfect. There is no need to overcomplicate things and sexual toys may not be a good answer. Before you start experimenting together with your partner in order to identify the best solution for how to be good at sex, we suggest you take a look at 10 top rules to enhance your sexual experience. Learning the basics and expanding your knowledge Now it is time to get straight to the business and explore the things that will make your sexual intercourse unforgettable. Learning how to have sex is important and we will help you understand how this process works. These 10 rules represent a golden standard, but, when you will get more experienced, you will be able to set your own rules.  

→ Rule 1

Never be too hasty. A good sex requires reliable contraceptive solutions. You have to thoroughly enjoy the process and not think about the potential consequences of your doings. If you are not being careful enough then in less than a year you will have to think of getting a good job in order to create good conditions for your child! If you don’t want this to happen, then take into account all the means for protection. This will save you from a lot of stress! Learn how to have safe sex and only then engage in the process. Don’t look past these obvious things, or you may get into trouble and her father will want to have a word with you… Exception: if you and your partner are confident in each other, like in a Swiss bank, and are purposefully engaged in procreation. rules for best sex

→Rule 2

Don’t do it if you don’t want to. The feeling has to be mutual. IF one of the partners doesn’t feel like doing it, then you will, most likely, not achieve good results. It is going to be an excruciating experience that will not help your relationship in any way. Exception: sometimes the appetite comes right when you are eating. If a steaming piece of delicious meat gets on your plate, then you will have something to think about. But, if the tasty meal doesn’t impress you and you still didn’t get into the right mood then this will feel like an obligation.  

→Rule 3

Introduce new things. Good sex has to be diverse. When it happens at the same time, in the same place, in the same position, sex becomes the same mechanical habit as is washing your hands. Is this something you could enjoy in the long run? Never hesitate to try something new, but first check with your partner and see if she or he is on the same page with you. When it comes to sex positions, there are almost no confines and you are having a whole array of interesting positions to choose from. Just don’t find yourself standing on your head while trying to please your partner! Exception: however, if you wash your hands once every six months, you will still get a certain buzz from this process. rules for best sex

→Rule 4

Don’t be afraid to speak about it. It is necessary to talk about sex, discuss and share plans for the future. Do not be afraid and do not close yourself. It’s okay if you say all these words out loud and he finally understands exactly what you want from him. What you will get in the end is that you will surely enjoy it very much. But, later you won’t be able to refuse to fulfill his own fantasies. Otherwise, this won’t be a fair game on your part. Men usually do feel more confident with this topic, but this is something that has to come from both sides. By using these sex tips, you will be able to get closer to your partner. Only remember this – Don’t be too creepy! Exception: if he wants to have sex in the middle of the Central Park in Manhattan, of course, it would be worth taking a minute to think about this. This would be a serious violation of public order, and the next three days can be spent, having sex only in the nearest police station. Although, this could be something special…  

→Rule 5

Do not eat much. Do not have sex after you had a big dinner lunch or breakfast. Firstly, it’s hard to move with a full belly, and at best you’ll just be doing pathetic and slow movements. And secondly, a well-fed man wants to sleep much more than he wants to have sex. This is a true story. Exception: if you don’t have a desire to cut your meal, you could gently feed each other, like the heroes of the movie Nine and a half weeks. You won’t even think how to kiss her and when to do the next move. This way the dinner will turn into sex by itself so quickly that you will not have time to fill your belly until you will be incapable of any movements. rules for best sex

→Rule 6

Don’t get drunk senseless. A completely drunk young lady will be coinciding with her sexual parameters to a rubber doll. Accordingly, she will get the same amount of pleasure. And a drunken young man … For him, making love becomes more like an attempt to shove the toothpaste back into the tube. Not many men could succeed in doing so. These love making tips will allow you to keep away from critical mistakes. Even if you think that a little bit of booze will get you in the mood, make sure not to overdo it. Besides, what is the point in having sex if you can’t remember anything in the morning? Exception: there is a big difference between being senseless drunk and slightly tipsy. In the second case you will definitely be able to handle the tube and the toothpaste.  

→Rule 7

Do not be afraid of paradoxes. Do not be selfish. Your partner, by the way, also wants to have fun. But don’t forget that you are not just lying around with your legs set apart. Be selfish too. This is exactly how to improve sex life and demanding pleasure for yourself is not a crime! Exception: if you have sex with an inanimate object. rules for best sex

→Rule 8

Do not think about stupid things. Don’t think, for example, about how you look during the sexual intercourse. It is not a big problem if in this position you don’t look so gracefully and that in such lighting you cannot see the big and beautiful blue eyes of your partner. He has already seen everything a long time ago. Now is not the time to think about all these things. Try to concentrate on the process instead. Exception: if you are filming in porn. Nevertheless, the director should think about all these aspects instead of you.  

→Rule 9

Look at the whole picture. Do not forget that, in addition to the most important parts of the body, your partner has other interesting things you may want to consider. They are very sensitive as well. So, don’t just concentrate on a particular one. Study all your partner’s interesting destinations. Your task is to ensure that there is not a single white spot in your partner’s geography. Exception: every now and then you need to remember about the most important parts. That’s your main goal. rules for best sex

→Rule 10←

When we are talking about good sex, there are no particular rules that may enhance your experience and turn it from 0 to 10 right away. There are many exceptions as everybody has his own desires and things that make him feel pleasure. Don’t think too much about the things you have to do and concentrate at what you have at the moment. You can turn any moment into magic when your partner shares your passions. Don’t feel anxious and hope for the best. If you jump on the internet to find out the best love making positions, then you clearly don’t know how this process works. It is not only up to you to choose it! Being stressed won’t get you anywhere and your partner won’t be able to savor the experience. Stay true to yourself and keep away from cheesy magazines, whose writers take their inspiration from rom-coms.