The Top Secrets of Sex for Women

secrets of sex

It is impossible to give instructions on this matter. There is no way to tell who and how should behave. This area is too individual. But still there are general tips on how to create a suitable atmosphere for love so you will learn the best secrets of sex. We don’t pay enough attention to things like sex education and other similar topics. These subjects have to be discussed more often than it seems.

secrets of sex Although the French say, «Everything will get better in bed,» it is important in what mood it falls into it. If you sulk, blame your partner, or yawn from fatigue, you can extinguish the desire of your sex-partner. Maybe it sounds trite, but for our women this situation is even more difficult to handle than it is for men. A man, as a rule, quickly gets the desired satisfaction, and a woman, tired after a long working day, needs the skill and patience of a man to reach orgasm. Therefore, it would be important to learn a few truths about the relationships and improve some aspects in order to achieve better results in your sex life. A couple of valuable pieces of advice will certainly come very handy and if you are ready to follow them, then you will most certainly only benefit from them. If you don’t know how to do sex and have no idea where to start, then it would be only natural to begin with the basics and read some works on human sex psychology first. Sex is almost like a science. It has been studied for a long time and there is still not enough data on the process as a whole. Its psychological aspects are simply fascinating and a lot of books have already been written on this subject. In order to achieve some kind of diversity, many couples try different sex positions, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of aspects that need to be taken into consideration, if you truly want to have the best sex of your life.   secrets of sex The main pieces of advice for women A variety of sex tips is exactly what you need if you feel like your sexual intercourse isn’t as good as you may hope. See if these may improve your experience:
  • Wear exciting clothes. Men should forget about worn socks. Women are better off avoiding new and comfortable underwear. It is not always important whether you have time to completely undress before the session or not. A man, who takes off his socks and places them carefully in a certain place, can find his partner already completely indifferent to the whole process ahead. If you need advice, then try different fashion magazines and see what men truly enjoy seeing. However, don’t take into account only his desire. Dress up just the way you like and you will see great results through his reaction.
  • You need to be more careful with alcohol. This sex advice for women is especially important if you prefer having a glass of wine or two before you go to bed. If the majority of women, under the influence of alcohol become easily excitable, then it exerts a different effect on men. After they had some alcohol they become quickly tired and they just fall asleep. However, some men may become super active under the influence of alcohol. True, sometimes they go to the other extremes and cannot finish for a long time. You have to know how much you can drink and how much he needs to drink in order to get in the right mood. If he becomes very passive after he had a glass of wine, then it would be better to stop him right away and suggest something else.
  • Don’t eat a lot and don’t have really smelly food in your bed. By eating a lot a man usually gets rather passive and has the desire to rest or simply watch TV. You would need time to digest everything you have eaten and the desire may vanish by that time. Nothing has to distract you from the pleasurable sensations in bed.
secrets of sex
  • Your hands have always to be warm, as cold hands can instantly cool the partner. The same goes for your feet. These simple sex tips for women are exactly what you need to get your partner in the right mood. If it is the cold season then there is not much you can do, but if you have the opportunity to warm up before you have sex, then better use it. He may really need your warmth!
  • Those, who practice sex only during the dark, deprive themselves of a lot of pleasure. You will be able to overcome the feeling of innate modesty if you start from the dimness, from a dimly lit room. But do not completely leave the situation in the dark, because it is in the dark that our imagination draws unusual pictures. Yes, and a new pose is easier for the first time to try in the dark. It will become much more exciting when you will start doing it in a brightly lit room. This would be like a new experience, if you have no done this before. Your partner will really enjoy seeing you and this will only add to his pleasure.
  • Make out in front of the mirror. Why not? Have you tried these tips for having sex before? This may be something that you have missed before. Seeing your own movements and the reaction of your partner simultaneously is something very exciting.
secrets of sex
  • More often try to include pleasant music. It also brings a pleasant variety to your intimate life. The beat of the music may help you find your own rhythm and follow it to the very end. Create a special atmosphere for you and your partner.
  • Turn off the mobile phone so that no one interferes with you in the midst of the special moment. If you forget, then it’s worth trying a little trick – until one partner answers the call and talks on the phone, the second can caress him and deliver oral pleasure. If the man is not sure how to give oral sex to a woman then the female partner will have to show him all her sensitive spots. In such moments it is very difficult to concentrate, and this causes a storm of emotions. Try eliminating any sources of potential distraction, as they may lower your desire and spoil all the fun. How often did this happen? It will be difficult to return to your initial rhythm after you have been distracted.
secrets of sex
  • A woman should more often show her initiative and activity in terms of sex, rather than wait for the man to act. However, this kind of a barrier is present in many women. It is all about being open to new experiences. Sometimes it happens that the woman has to make the first step because the man she likes is very indecisive. You may also suggest new things to diversify your sex experience. A man always want to find out how to make sex better for her, but quite often they
  • Be not only passionate, but also gentle. Or vice versa, for those who are too kind and forget about animal passion and lust. Try pushing different buttons. You will find it more interesting taking on more roles in bed. Your partner may enjoy any kind of changes.
  • Sex should not end when the man has already reached orgasm, and the woman did not yet. A woman who has remained unsatisfied may become nervous and eventually lose interest in intimate life. After a short rest, it’s better to repeat. If a man does not allow a woman to cool down during this brief pause, then even a very woman, who gets slowly into the mood, will be able to enjoy the continuation of the process. If a man is ready to provide the best sex for women, then he will certainly take care of her orgasm as well. Sometimes it happens that the woman has to fake it, but men have to be really careful and attentive. These kinds of things won’t lead to a complete experience.
secrets of sex
  • Do not fall asleep after you had sex. Try drinking tea, and then you can repeat it. Sometimes it is not the best option, especially if your partner is still not fully satisfied. Great sex requires effort and if you are ready to continue after a short pause, then you need to do it.
That’s it, if you want to learn how to have the best sex of your life, then you may begin with these simple tips. There are a lot of individual factors that also play important roles and for this reason you have to study your partner. Only you know what he or she likes the most. Delivering pleasure is not as difficult as it may seem and it only takes a little bit of effort and desire.