Top Reasons Why You Have To Make Love Very Often

make love
Sex is an important part of life. Do you know that irregular sex can cause a number of problems — not only in your personal life, but also at work? Learning how to make love with the best sex techniques for both men and women is the key to healthy life.

make love1. You are constantly ill, especially experiencing colds.

Now, at the time of the flu epidemic, it’s not so hard to get sick. It’s enough to get out of the house and the infection is right there. And sometimes you don’t even need to go out of the house: someone from the house, getting sick, «brings» a viral infection into the house, and as a result for several weeks the house turns into a quarantine zone. But it’s one thing when you just get sick, and then you’re cured and continue to live your life. It’s quite another thing if you had flu already several times. If the cold does not go away, you are constantly coughing and suffering from a cold. This means that your immunity is weakened to the limit. Not only vitamins can help strengthen your immune system. Physical activity and sex are also great remedies! As a result of the study, it was proved that in the blood of those who regularly have sex, is contained about 30% more antibodies than in the blood of those who have a sexual intercourse irregularly or whose sex life is absent. It is not only important to know how to make good sex, but also why you have to make it. Your health is at stake here. However, there is a small caveat here. If you have sex with somebody who has a flu, the risk of contracting the infection multiplies.
  1. Your cycles became painful
Naturally, knowing that with regular sex the body produces a certain dose of a variety of hormones, suggest that a violation of the regularity of intimate life leads the body into a somewhat frustrating condition. If we talk about the same menstrual cycle, then there are problems with its regularity, there may be a delay, because the internal rhythms and processes of the woman are getting bogged down. Moreover, menstruation can become even painful. And this soreness is because, with regular sex, the body gets used to a certain amount of endorphins (it can be called a natural analogue of morphine). Endorphins are in principle responsible for the so-called pain threshold: the less is being produced, the sharper the perception of any pain. Additionally, estrogen is produced during sex in the woman’s body, which suppresses the pain that occurs with PMS (premenstrual syndrome). In this case, one should not forget that the menopause in sexually active women comes later and is more painless and easy. The common sex education has to be taken into account and if there is proper knowledge on this matter, then both men and women will have an effective solution. Sex does not allow getting older! make love
  1. You suffer from insomnia
How long can you sleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and toss and turn in bed? Do you wake up 1-1.5 hours before the alarm goes off? Of course, if this has been observed before, it’s high time you made an appointment to the doctor. If this happens after your sex life has become irregular or completely discontinued, you should seriously consider whether this is a misuse of sleep. In any case, scientists have proved that after orgasm endorphin is produced in the human body – a hormone of happiness. It helps the cells relax, calm down, as a result of which, after sex, a person really wants to sleep. The best way to have sex is to have the possibility to take a long nap afterwards. And this is not just a desire: you will fall asleep easily and pleasantly, and awakening is accompanied by cheerfulness. But this is not the most important thing: during sex the production of oxytocin increases – peptide hormone and neuropeptide. And do not forget that chronic lack of sleep causes a number of diseases – for example, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
  1. You feel unhappy
Women, whose intimate life is irregular or lacking, tend to fall into depression, become nervous, irritable or, conversely, very apathetic. Especially this applies to those whose intimate life was previously quite full. Of course, it can be attributed to psychological discomfort. But we know that even our psychological state is determined by internal and external factors. Hormones are responsible for our mood. During sex you feel welcome, loved, adored, and it doesn’t ever get better than this. During sex, the body begins to work hard to produce the hormone of joy – endorphins, and after orgasm, its production becomes simply a record. Probably, that’s why after a rough sleepless night you usually feel fatigue and drowsiness, but the mood is simply magnificent and it seems that you can do almost anything. make love
  1. You notice that your body is getting old
Are you unhappy with your appearance? Almost every day you look for a new wrinkle on the face, and the skin loses its tone? The reason for this is not only the time, the course of which cannot be stopped, but also the lack of sex. With regular sex, the body acquires the desired shape, resulting in smoother skin. It ceases to be somewhat flabby and it regains its former tone. But that’s not all! With regular sex in the body increases the content of natural collagen. And as a result, wrinkles are smoothed out by themselves from the inside. What is more to be desired than pleasure which brings youth? If you know how to make love then there should be no problems with trying to get younger!
  1. You are unhappy with your body
It is not a secret for everybody that sex helps to lose weight. It, of course, cannot replace workout in a fitness center. Well, unless you arrange a monthly sex marathon. However, the use of sex for a beautiful body is difficult to overestimate. It is estimated that for one sexual act, lasting 5-7 minutes, a woman burns 360 calories. For comparison: a half-hour jogging burns about 300 calories. When having sex, a lot of muscles are involved. This is the press, and thighs, and buttocks – if we talk about the standard poses «woman from below.» In the «woman on top» position, the leg muscles also work. In the positions of doggy style – the muscles of the hands, chest and shoulder girdle. That is, by choosing different sex positions and experimenting, you can develop your «training program». By the way, do not forget about the psychological aspect. Many women, dissatisfied with their body, begin to complex about the imperfection of their proportions. It is much easier to struggle with complexes, when you feel welcome, when your man tries to prove to you with all his might that you are his precious. make love
  1. Your ability to work began to decline
Typically, the decline in performance comes from the previous point – apathy (or, on the contrary, nervousness). This aspect does not contribute to performance in the office. But this is not the most important thing. After all, you will agree, it happens that the mood is less than zero, but at the same time you create fantastic things in a professional field, coping with such a volume of work that you even wonder how’s this possible. Specialists of the Hamburg Center for Medical Research found that with regular sex, you can even increase your IQ! If you know how to have great sex then you certainly are a smart person! It turns out that the whole point is that during sex, the body begins to increase the production of cortisol and adrenaline, which contributes to the activation of various parts of the brain. So maybe this is a weighty reason not only to regularly have sex, but also to practice morning sex more often?  
  1. You became forgetful and absent-minded
Lack of sex, its irregularity leads not only to a decrease in efficiency, but also to forgetfulness and absent-mindedness. With regular sex, the opposite effect is observed. This can be explained by the fact that during sex, the rate of blood circulation increases, and, consequently, blood enriched with oxygen, quickly enters the brain (as is the case with other organs as well). And the hypothalamus, responsible for memory, begins to work more actively. That’s why people who have sex regularly become less forgetful and more collected. And they assimilate the information better. These are the best sex tips that will allow you to become much more productive.
  1. You have «uncontrolled» orgasms
If the libido is normal, and there is no sex, strange things begin to happen. For example, you work out on a stationary bike. And suddenly you realize that you are extremely excited. Or you often have erotic dreams, during which you experience an orgasm. Or when watching a movie during a fairly inoffensive «bed scene» are excited so much as if watching an erotic film or even porn. All this means that you need sex very much, otherwise your desire will soon become obtrusive, and you will simply stop thinking about anything else. Men need to learn how to give oral sex to a woman and bring pleasure to their women. make love
  1. You do not want sex
If you have lost your libido, this cannot be called normal. It’s one thing if you do not want intimate relationships for a reason for a short amount of time, but it’s completely different if you do not want sex for a long time or do it occasionally, just because, for example, your partner insists on sexual intercourse.

If you carefully read the previous paragraphs, you have already realized how important a regular intimacy is for a woman and also some problems are common for men. Many problems can arise in the absence of tips for having sex and its irregularity. However, this does not mean that you only need to have sex to ensure that your health and mental state are normal.

Sex, especially if it’s sex with a loved one, is real magic, a small fairy tale and a unique world in which you become one. Are you ready to give up on it?