Top Secrets behind Male Sex

secrets of male sex
So nature has established that women and men look at the same things from different angles. Intimacy and sex is not an exception. Women in their romantic fantasies imagine long foreplay, the tenderness of their beloved, whispering in the ear, kisses, and only then the sexual act itself. Is it the same with the male half of humanity and what is the ideal sex for men? A number of top sex tips  will help you understand the situation and the mindset of your partner in order to come up with a great solution and learn all secrets of male sex. Even if you think that your sex is perfect and there’s nothing more you could learn, then your experience will get dull after a while. Incorporating new elements into your sex life will help you a lot. secrets of male sexInexperienced men may find it difficult to understand what is needed in order to please the woman. If you want to find success in your sexual relationships, then there are things you may want to consider. Getting to know your partner before you take things in bed is necessary. A strong connection between partners is the guarantee of happiness and longevity of relationships. Trying to look as good as possible is the first step in getting to meet a nice girl, but you appearance is not enough to keep the relationship going. If everything goes well, then you will eventually get married, but the possibility of getting a divorce in case that you won’t find any kind of understanding in bed is really high. Learn to diversify your sex and offer new experience for your wife. Delivering pleasure is essential in order to keep a healthy relationship going.   secrets of male sexPerfect sex for men As you have already understood, for women is extremely important the atmosphere in which it is necessary to get closer to their partner. For guys, this is not so important. You can say that they are more practical in this regard: why spend a lot of time, when you can go straight to the point. If they agree to foreplay, then this is done only for the sake of their chosen ones. If it was up to the man, then, roughly speaking, he would immediately take the woman. This is why tips for having sex are known to have positive effect on relationships. Work on every aspect of your behavior and try to become the best version of yourself. Your partner deserves all the care and attention you can provide. As for erotic lingerie, things are quite different here. It often happens that the purchase does not come from the ladies themselves, but from their male halves. This is done for visual pleasure and for the replication of their fantasies and secret desires. What is the best sex in the eyes of a man? Husbands love it when the initiative to bring pleasure comes from the wife. For example, a tired husband comes home from work, and his wife is dressed in attractive underwear, or maybe even meets him without having any clothes on and begins to indulge his fantasies. He certainly will like it if his woman will offer some kind of sexual experiments, which she usually has to be persuaded for. secrets of male sexLadies often draw in their heads the ideal scenario for the mutual intimacy. In case of men things stand a bit less complex, everything is much simpler – the ideal option often does not need any plot. Spontaneous sexual intercourse often brings much more pleasure. It is often the ingredient that married couples lack. Perfect sex from the male point of view should bring quite different sensations, often accompanied by an element of extreme. Use best sex tips for him and the spontaneous decisions will become your big advantage. Your man will surely like it, if you offer to become a participant in unpretentious role-playing games. The woman does not need to come up with an intricate story with lots of details. It is often enough to give your loved one what he wants, and you should know this for sure. If the partner likes to dominate, become a complaisant «slave», and make him the «master». Roles change if the couple wants it the other way around. Similarly, with the duration of action before sex: someone likes to get everything at once, but someone likes to work for a long time. Knowing how to have sex is the first important step towards creating a lasting relationship with your partner. But, if you want to get to that step, then you need to create a good impression first.

secrets of male sexThe main secrets of perfect sex

The husband and wife spend most of their time together, but it’s best to be alone and get close to each other during sex. This is a special moment when there are only two people, and everything else disappears for a while. The secrets of perfect sex will help married couples even years later to nourish their feelings and experience the same interest that was at the beginning of the relationship. With good sex tips for him you will be able to achieve much better results with your personal life. What is the secret of perfect sex and where to start? If it is not a question of spontaneous sexual intercourse, then make sure that nothing distracts you. Switch off your cell phone or set it to silent mode. Someone will think that this sounds very stupid, but in fact the scientists have proved it — it’s very important. Just imagine that at the most crucial moment your mobile phone rings or starts vibrating annoyingly. However, even if you are really passionate about the process, you will still be distracted by little things. Before you start using amazing sex tips for him you need to make sure that nothing stands between you and your partner. A call from your mother may ruin the experience for both of you and put an end to your relationship. Most often, the actions between spouses in bed begin with a massage. For women, foreplay is especially important, but husbands also do not mind getting a caress. It all starts with a slow stroking of her hair. Then you do light, almost weightless movements on her fingers, neck and chest. A special kind of pleasure men get from touching, kissing and biting of their ear lobes, neck, chest. Both partners have to offer careful attention to the nipples. Learning how to make love to your partner is essential if you want your relationship to last very long. If a woman doesn’t get satisfied, then she may get really upset. The secret of better sex is, in many ways, to be gentle. Passion is certainly important, but if there is no tenderness, the whole process will be more like animal mating. secrets of male sexAnother important part is the completion of the whole action. Even if everything went perfectly, and both enjoyed the process, it is worth giving some more time to each other, and not just roll over and fall asleep. Go together in the shower or just lie down and hug while talking. This will help to get closer not only physically, but also spiritually. Research all the sex techniques for men that you can find online and choose the ones that you can actually perform. Never deny your loved one because of the fact that you have a headache. Sooner or later the man is going to persuade you, and then it is not exactly known what could happen. Sometimes you need to make go with the desire of your partner. Try to think in relationships not only about yourself. Maybe for the sake of your beloved one you will have to experiment, but for this your partner will certainly thank you. In addition, scientists have shown that during the love making process, the headache becomes much less apparent, and sometimes even completely disappears. In addition, the conjugal duty is necessary for both partners. Learn how to be good at sex and you won’t have to deal with the headaches of your partner on a constant basis.

→ Never forget to diversify your sex life and include new elements to your experience. This may not sound easy at first, but if there is love and chemistry between you, then you will most certainly find a way to please your partner. New sex positions or long foreplay between the sexual intercourse are just few ways of enhancing your experience. Take your partner more often to restaurants and, if you have the opportunity to travel, then use it as often as possible. Changing the surroundings will create a fresh and exciting atmosphere where you can start things all over. These sex tips for men are just an example and suggestion of how you can change and enhance your sex experience. Every situation is unique and only you know what to do. Nobody knows your partner better than you do and this is why you have to analyze the situation on your own and come up with a good solution.