Best sex positions ever (2018)

To ensure that the intimate life with your partner does not turn into a gray monotonous routine, but on the contrary, it constantly develops, it is necessary to constantly change something in sex, to experiment, to make something new and interesting. After all, passion is like fire – if you do not support it and don’t offer it fresh approaches, it gradually fades away. In this article, we'll look at the various sex positions that will not only keep your passion and interest high for each other, but also make your intimate life truly diverse and exciting. Take a look at the best sex positions and decide for yourself which one you would like to try. Each moment of intimacy with a loved one will be like a new chapter, which both of you will very much look forward to engaging in.
In fact, there are many poses for sex, but if you take into account their different options, then this number will probably tend to infinity! But we adhered to the principle "less is better", so we gathered here the most popular, most practical and yet the most interesting ones.

The "Scorpio" position

This one reminds the aforementioned "Anvil" and "Wheelbarrow". What do these poses have in common? The common aspect among them is that the woman is situated on her back whilst putting her legs on male partner’s shoulders who is behind her. All these positions, we have separately considered, because they have small differences that significantly affect the impression for both partners. Trying different things will let you understand what the best sex position for you and your partner is. By looking closely at all these positions, you will notice that they differ from each other which means that in each specific case the entry angle is also different. This is what determines the zones of vaginal stimulation. It has the most favorable angle for stimulating the woman’s G spot.

The female is on her back with her feet up. The male is behind her, facing her bottom amd the woman throws her feet on his shoulders. The male partner holds the woman's thighs and thrusts inside. In order to increase the stimulation of the G spot the male partner has to lay a cushion under his partner's bottom.

The Squirt is the peak of bliss

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The "Corkscrew" position

The "CorkScrew" is another pose which implies that the male partner situates himself on the floor while his partner is lying on the bed. If you truly want to get into a sexy position then this is an ideal choice. We have already explained similar poses earlier, for example the "On the shore" or the "Captain" poses. If in the previously examined poses the woman was situated on her back, then in the "Corkscrew" the girl is situated on her side. Due to the knees being tightened to the chest, the front most sensitive part of the vagina is well stimulated.

The female is situated on the rim of the bed and pulls her knees to her breast. The male partner faces his partner on the bed while being on the floor. By grabbing her by her buttock or thigh he enters her. A man has to be careful with the fact that he will be standing, because if the floor is not soft then his knees can quickly feel discomfort. So if there is a wooden floor it would be better to use a pillow, placing it under the knees. The peculiar angle of entry offers both partners special sensations.

The "Royal throne pose - 2" position

Previously, we looked at the "Royal throne" pose, when the partners faced each other, and now let’s take a look at the second variant of the "The Royal throne". The essence of it and the difference from the main version is that the man turns 180 degrees with his back facing the female partner. With this turn, the zones of vaginal stimulation change. That is, if in the first adaptation the anterior wall of the vagina is mainly stimulated, and now the rear wall of the vagina will be mainly stimulated. Use this sex method to impress your girlfriend. Since men like to watch the girl from the back, it will allow them to pamper them a bit and give them a chance to enjoy this magnificent perspective.

In general, as in the preceding variant, the female while on her back is moving her feet behind her head. The male partner at this time comes from a side of the partner's head while slightly bending over and thrusts his penis inside. She is supporting her pelvis by using hands. He then engages in thrusting movements. The male partner needs to support his body mass with the help of his hands. He can hold to his knees.

The "Ballerina" position

This one surprises with its acrobatics and peculiarity. It can serve as an exceptional addition to the "Pole" pose, where the woman just wraps her leg around the partner’s leg. Not all girls are capable of performing this sex stance, for the reason that they have to have an excellent flexibility in order to throw their feet on partner's shoulder. And if the woman feels comfortable with the stretching, then it is safe to practice the "Ballerina" pose and enjoy it.

The male partner faces her and sits down. The female partner is standing straight. After that the woman throws one of her feet on the partner’s shoulder. The balance is very important here and the male has to support her by using his hands. He stands on one foot and gently rises to her full height (no sudden movements). After that, the male partner, slightly sitting down, gets inside of her and then with one hand takes her foot and with the other one clasps her around the waist. The girl also can hug him by his shoulders, or by his waist, or simply clings to his hands.

Of course, having sex this way for a long time is difficult enough, so in order to slightly relieve your legs, you can go into the "Pole", changing the supporting leg.

The "Double lotus" position

This is a fun sex position for many partners. It is also great for testing your flexibility. Because there is one minus – it is too tiresome for the legs, we decided to modernize it a little bit and make it easier. We named it the "Double lotus." Now both men and women are using the lotus pose and feel comfortable and relaxed, which allows them to get more sexual stimulation from the sexual act. Intense entry point and a special angle offer this stance a special sensual nuance.

Its principle is not complicated and all the man has to do is get into the lotus pose by sitting on his buttocks. It is important to keep the back vertically straight. Bend the legs at the knees. The legs of the partner may lie on top of each other or connect with the soles. The woman gets down on her male’s feet with her legs wrapping around his waist area. Then the man thrusts his penis inside her, after which they begin to swing in a passionate dance.

The "Heat" position

This one is not called "Heat" for nothing, since the sight for the man is without exaggeration the heating point of excitement. Men in general, unlike women who during sex are eager to hear the words of love and tenderness, like to watch and see everything. Generally – the women love with their ears, and the men love with their eyes. So the "Heat" just fully offers the man the possibility to taste the beauty of the love act. Most men adore this pose. Among other things, this pose can be used to cool down a little. When it is used, the outer part of the head is more actively stimulated, which is less sensitive.

That is, if the man is getting close to his limit, but, simultaneously, wants to last longer, then the pair can try going into this one. Of course, the sight that will open before the eyes of the man can enhance his desire in a way that this will accelerate the beginning of his orgasm. Well, everyone has to try and experiment with it. If your desire is to find out how to improve sex life then try different posses during sex and impress your partner with your knowledge.

The man is lying on his back. The female partner gets on top with her back facing the partner. After that he thrusts his penis inside. She can try and lean forward, stretching her legs back.

The "Amazon" position

Continuing the series of entertaining options for women who like being on top, we will consider the "Amazon" which is similar to the previous two: the "Monkey" and the "Throne". For the man nothing changes, but the girl now turns to the partner’s face. Now their glances meet and this brings a special spark of passion into their love dance. If you are looking for good sex positions where you can see the face of your partner, then this is the ideal choice.

The male partner is lying on his back whilst bending his knees. The female partner comes from behind and faces her partner. She then places her legs on each side of his rear. After sitting down, she can lean forward a little bit, she rests her hands on her knees to sustain this stance.

The "Anvil" position

This one is an analogy of the "Monkey" and the "Throne" pose during which the female partner was on top. Now the woman and the man switch places and the top place is occupied by the man. The male partner has to be very careful without being rushed, since the direction under which his member enters the vagina of the partner is unique and any carelessness can lead to injuries. Here everybody has to be careful. A valuable sex advice for women would be to check the comfort level for every pose in order to prevent any injuries.

The male partner is able use the "Anvil" pose as an intermediate one in order to cool down a bit and let the excitement fade away. For men this one represents a completely different sensation of pleasure because glans is being stimulated very intensely, namely the upper part (the one the man sees from above, looking at his penis). Because this part of the penis is less sensitive than the reverse side of the head (where the foreskin is attached), the sensations of the man are slightly dulled and this allows to delay the moment of orgasm and prolong sex.

The woman lays on her back and bents her legs in the knees, tugging them up above her, forming a kind of a support for her partner. The man approaches the girl with his back and crouches a little, neatly enters with his penis into her vagina. After that, he starts slow movements up and down. If such an angle brings discomfort to the man, he can lean slightly forward and thereby reduce the angle. Or lean forward completely and rest on hands. Lean until you feel comfortable.

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The "Frog" position

The "Frog" pose comes in two versions. The first is where the female partner is lying on her abdomen and slightly sets her legs apart so that her partner can be placed between them. He is on top of her. This means that his legs are situated between his partner’s legs. And the second version assumes that the woman will lie flat with her legs folded together. Here the man will be placed on top of her, wrapping her legs around his.

This one is optimal for men who can’t boast with a big sized genital organ. Due to the peculiar entry point and depth, the size of the penile organ is considerably compensated. The woman will feel it as if it is much bigger in dimensions. It generates maximum contact of the partners' bodies, which provides special sensations of intimacy. These are valuable sex tips positions which will help you achieve totally new sensations in bed.

Of course, during the first version, when the woman’s legs are placed apart, the depth of thrusting is slightly bigger, but the stimulation of the G spot in both versions is almost identical. In order to enter the female partner even deeper, the man has to put a small pillow under the woman’s pelvis. This will also be helpful men with a smaller penile size, for whom it is more problematic to enter the partner in this case.

The "Rider" position

The male gets above, wrapping around her hips. The female partner gets on her back and moves her legs apart as much as she is comfortable with. And then, pushing the knees apart as wide as possible, tries to occupy a vertical sitting stance. And in this one, the male partner begins to execute light thrusts. If the male doesn’t want to feel any kind of difficulties with the insertion of his sexual organ into the vagina, it is suggested to start from the “Missionary" pose that is quite standard for most couples.

Here the man is just like a rider, who situates himself above his female partner. This one doesn’t guarantee a very effective angle of entry, but nevertheless it is sufficient enough due to the tightly pressed together partner's legs. Also, the male can further stimulate the clit by using fingers or massage her chest.

It is safe to say that all sex positions may incorporate some tricky elements, depending on the flexibility possibilities of the partners. If one of the partners will experience at least some discomfort in this one, it is best to switch it to another, more comfortable pose!

Thank you!