7 secret sex tips for women

  1. Natural aphrodisiacs for men
  2. Get an orgasm on time
  3. Talk openly about sex
  4. Let your head rest
  5. Train intimate muscles
  6. Revise your diet
  7. Use three minutes for compliments

7 sex rules for men

  1. Prepare for sex in advance
  2. Foreplay
  3. Searching for sensitive areas
  4. Treasure the moisture
  5. Curiosity
  6. Choose the right time
  7. Duration of sex

7 secret sex tips for women

How to make love to a man? Do you need the best sex tips? Do it mutually without taking only into account the desires of one partner. You don’t have a rich imagination? Use our sex tips and you will be ok. Learn the kamasutra in its entirety – there are many interesting things in it. It is a pity that you won’t be able to try everything. But, it is worth trying. Good luck with experiments!
In order to avoid any kind of failures in bed, remember to take aphrodisiacs. These are:

Natural aphrodisiacs for men

Pepper (chilly)
The grub
green tea
ice cream
roast beef
quail eggs

The Squirt is the peak of bliss

The girl has 17 types of orgasms! And from this large number of them the squirt orgasm is the most pleasant, strongest and most stunning one. If a man can learn how to do it, then he can get hooked with any girl. A good way to learn the squirt orgasm is a special device for squirting - Maestro Love. More details you can find on the manufacturer's website.



Make for yourself an unusual sex marathon: set the goal daily, for example, at 11 pm to get an orgasm, no matter how tired you are from work, angry with your partner or have a burned dress with an iron. Alone or together, but you must achieve the ultimate pleasure at all costs! Make your sexuality a priority and you will feel more relaxed, desirable and confident. If you want to know how to improve sex then try to be less stressed. And the very idea that you are on the verge of pleasure every day, even for one brief moment already sounds very tempting.


Many parents are constantly telling adolescents that it is in no way possible to speak out loud about it. Fathers and mothers are very creative when it comes to education and they reach a point when they come up with all sorts of horror stories: "At the moment when you talk about sex, one puppy dies in the world." And who wants to be the secret killer of these dearest pets? In the end, we grow up with the conviction that talking about the personal matters with people close to us is a shameful and indecent occupation.

At the same time, it is emancipation in the discussion of intimate problems with those we trust that makes us much freer and more confident in bed. Believe us, even during the reading of this text aloud, not a single pup was harmed.


It is worth mentioning that the highest percentage of impotence, frigidity and dissatisfaction in sex is observed among workers of intellectual work. And this fact should seriously alarm you. If you are really experiencing serious intellectual and nervous stress, take it as a rule to take it off your shoulders on a regular basis. Take 20 minutes and go for a walk, don’t run and focus on your breathing. Use the tips for better sex to your advantage and you will soon notice the changes! This elementary daily practice will allow you to get rid of inner tension and will have the best effect on your intimate life.


Kegel exercises help strengthen the muscles of the uterus and pelvic floor, serve as the prevention of numerous gynecological diseases and significantly improve the quality of sex. The most pleasant thing is that you can perform them at any time, sitting or lying, driving a car, at your office, or right now, when you read these lines. These great sex tips will drastically improve your experience in bed. The classics exercise is: tightly flex the muscles of the pelvic floor, count to 6 or 8 and gradually relax. Repeat 10 times three times a day and you and your partner will enjoy sexual happiness.


The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found a link between high cholesterol and sexual arousal. "Bad" cholesterol fills the blood vessels and prevents the movement of blood, including in the pelvis and genitals. This, in turn, dulls the desire and makes it difficult to achieve orgasm. Would you like to enjoy your sex on 100%? Then you will have to limit the consumption of animal fat and avoid the food of industrial production. And do not forget about aphrodisiac products: avocado, almonds, strawberries, oysters, chocolate and spices (cardamom, curry and cinnamon).


Every day, replace one negative thing that you say or think about your body with something that you would be very pleased to hear. Spend time on compliments to yourself for at least three minutes. Standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror, say that your belly looks incredibly cute today instead of squinting as if the sun blinds you. Day after day, go to the new part of the body and, in all seriousness, tell pleasant things to yourself. These are not simply tips for having sex, but rather a way of life. The therapeutic effect is obvious - you will cease to worry that the partner will notice the shortcomings of your figure in bed, and get the well-deserved orgasm. Become the best friend for your body and love yourself every day!

7 sex rules for men

Carrie Bradshaw, the trend master and relationship expert, once put out a statement, which immediately became a catch phrase. She said: "Sometimes it is important to hear the opinion of a professional, this happens with health, property and men."
About the property we can’t say anything, but as for men (and specifically sex relations), then the advice of sexologists and psychologists is actually useful. Useful sex tips for him will create the ultimate love machine. These especially apply to the rules of ideal sex.

The first rule: Prepare for sex in advance

This does not imply cleaning your neck before a date and storing condoms for future use. This means an electrified sexual atmosphere. And it needs to be created long before you end up in bed. Begin to prepare your “pray” from the morning! Use the love making tips and get your partner as excited as you want her to be. This is what experts say.
British sociologists even made a rating of 20 factors that will help you succeed in this. For example, to maintain the passion in relationships the list has the famous phrase "I love you!" in the morning, kisses throughout the day, love notes, dinner together with good music and candlelight. Then your day, during which you persistently "warmed up" your partner, will exactly end with passionate sex!

The second rule: Foreplay

Foreplay will help you turn sex into a coveted, passionate action, and not into an evening commitment. This will be what is called sex on the platoon. By the way, this is the main reason why Italian couples are so happy in marriages – the heat of passion, violent quarrels and the same stormy reconciliation raise the level of testosterone. And this in turn raises the level of desire.
In the ranking of the best examples for foreplay is also massage, a screening of an erotic film for both partners and a joint bath. These represent best sex tips for most couples, unless there are any special preferences.

The third rule: Searching for sensitive areas

Family psychologist Olga Malitskaya on the basis of many years of work with her clients gives women such advice:
- What excites you is not the fact that you like your partner. The zones to which you respond most often, for example, touching the chest and nipples, most men won’t react at all, and sometimes they will even cause unpleasant sensations. So listen to what kind of touches your man reacts.

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The fourth rule: Treasure the moisture

Many women face such an unpleasant symptom as the dryness of the vagina. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem. There may be many reasons for that, ranging from the age-related decline in the level of estrogen to infection and even oncological diseases.
Insufficient amount of lubrication causes burning, vaginal itching, discomfort during intercourse. Some women even try to minimize sex. And this happens on a constant basis.
Meanwhile, the problem can be solved simply, with the help of special tools, for example, intimate gel-lubricant Montavit. Such drugs prevent discomfort and improve sensitivity during intimacy.

The fifth rule: Curiosity

Oh, how many wonderful discoveries we have to make in bed. And then a woman should not be hypocritical. Do not be afraid to talk to your man on "forbidden" topics, and about all your fantasies. Try this all over again! Maybe there are new sex positions to try together with your partner. Experiment every day and see what is more convenient for both of you.

The sixth rule: Choose the right time

One of the main misconceptions of most people is that the best time to have sex is the night. But experts think otherwise. In their opinion, the most suitable time for this moment is 10 in the morning. Approximately at 6 o'clock, the concentration of hormones in the female body is the highest which means that the sensations will be most acute during that time.
For men, after they slept, the body is rested, the testosterone concentration is maximal and it affects the central nervous system, including the sex centers and causes the strongest erection.
Well, in addition, sex invigorates you in the morning. This may even replace your daily gym routine!

The seventh rule: Duration of sex

Casanova is able to bring any trembling creature in bed to ultimate pleasure. Rasputin, who, according to some sources, was a frequent guest in the boudoir of the most notable ladies. Allegedly, they were able to work day and night so that the partner could achieve an orgasm...
Meanwhile, in sex the quantity is not always good. How many times did it happen that the girl was trying to pleasure the body of her loved one and suddenly realized that he already snores? Or a man tries, caresses, excites, and the woman has already cooled down ten times and thinks: when will he finish already?
The quality of sex does not depend on its duration. If you use sex tips for guys wisely then you will understand how it should really look like. The scientists called the 10 minutes "golden standard". When it is less, it is considered to be ordinary and hasty.
If it lasts longer – it can get boring.

Thank you!